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Precision Spot Welding Capabilities in St. Louis

Welding requires a high level of skill and experience. At Car-Anth, we have both. As a complete mechanical product fabrication service provider in St. Louis, Car-Anth’s welding operations include robotic, semi-automated, soldering, and free hand spot welding. Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to handle your most demanding spot welding needs. Baskets, trays, enclosures and other fabrications can be welded to your specifications.
With our vast knowledge of welding and fabrication, we ensure the proper techniques are used to produce quality products. Our certified welders are experienced craftsmen capable of spot welding the most complex metal assemblies out of a variety of material types and thicknesses. A lasting weldment depends on good design and a firm understanding of how the finished product will be used. We work closely with you to understand your exact needs and engineer weld fixtures to achieve precise alignment and tight tolerances. With an unrivaled level of detailed workmanship, our highly skilled craftsmen take pride in consistently producing the highest quality weldments and assemblies, cost effectively and on time, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our expert St. Louis spot welding capabilities are a key component in the metal fabrication process and are instrumental in maintaining our reputation for delivering high quality finished products. Of all the sheet metal forming and fabricating services, spot welding services is an area where the skill and experience of our staff is evident in every part. Utilizing free hand and robotic operations, Car-Anth’s welding department has the equipment, expertise and skilled manpower to handle your welding project from start to finish. Our facility is equipped with spot welding machines that handle a variety of sheet, coil, plate, tubing, wire, and structural applications. We apply robust weld monitoring methods to ensure the quality and correctness of the weld in-process, while post-production quality inspections verify their strength and durability.

Our customers keep coming back because they know that their spot welding project will be delivered on time and built according to the most precise and exact specifications. There is no job too small or too large for the extensive diversification and talent at Car-Anth. Call us today and put us to work for you.

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Quality Fabrication, Metal Forming and Spot Welding Services

  With over 20,000 square feet of space dedicated to fabrication, metal forming and welding, Car-Anth offers a wide variety of custom metal forming and fabrication capabilities. From wire bending machines to flat steel bending, robotic welding cells, stamping and cutting we have the machines for any fabrication process. Combine those services with our other core services and our production teams will create your finished product. Whether you need 100 or 10,000 pieces, Car-Anth can provide you with flexible options to meet your supply chain demands.