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With a manufacturing plant full of unique precision machining equipment, Car-anth engineers and production teams can machine the precision products that meet your needs. From CNC Machining, Horizontal Machining, Turning Machining, Custom Screws and more we have been creating custom machined parts to exacting specifications in the St. Louis area for over 75 years. Reach out to us today and find out why companies over many different industries have learned to rely on Car-Anth as an important partner in their profitable operations.

Car-Anth Precision Machining includes:

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Quality Machining Services

Our shop floor in St. Louis has CNC mills with 18,000 RPM spindle speeds for fast milling capabilities in a variety of materials, including aluminum and stainless steel, as well as high torque spindles for heavy machining. With 5 axis capabilities, we have the flexibility to machine very complex parts. Utilizing the most accurate tool placement, the best fixturing equipment and tools which guarantees a quality part. Our machining processes can handle flat work, five axis work, contouring, drilling, taping, thread milling and just about anything you need.