Precision Part Assembly and Custom Fabrication

Industry leading part assembly is a Car-Anth specialty in St. Louis. We provide assurance to not only fabricate nearly any product that fits your needs but also assemble your idea. Car-Anth’s precision services combined with today’s top of the line materials consistently create precise products made exactly to your specifications for all of your ideas and devices. There is nothing better than getting the exact product you need, how you need it.
Why jump through hoops to find subcontractors to finalize your product? At Car-Anth we pride ourselves on our ability to take your idea from the drawing board to a finished product. By utilizing all of our services we can both fabricate and produce complete products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and fabrication processes are just one piece of the puzzle; we take your ideas and make them work. Our assembly services include:
  • Fastening
  • Inspections
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Quality Testing
Every idea deserves attention. Our highly skilled team determines the most efficient means of production, and the most effective way of assembling your product, combined with our extensive experience, brings to you low cost solutions for complex problems.

Whether it is a one time idea for the home, or you are looking to solidify a long term and friendly partnership to assemble the product you need right here in St. Louis. We handle any size and any volume to place the customer and their needs as a top priority. The Car-Anth family is dedicated to getting your ideas from the paper to the final product in a timely and efficient matter. All the while putting your confidence in our service first. (ordered list of all services in assembly)

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Punching Flattening Forming Piercing

We Can Meet All Your Product Assembly Needs

  With over 20,000 square feet of space in our St. Louis production facility dedicated to fabrication and metal forming, Car-Anth offers a wide variety of custom fabrication capabilities. From wire bending machines to flat steel bending, stamping and cutting we have the machines for any fabrication process. Combine those services with our other core services and our production teams will create, assemble, and finished your product. Whether you need 100 or 10,000 pieces, Car-Anth can provide you with flexible options to meet your supply chain demands.
  • Metal Part Assembly St. Louis
  • Fabricated Part Assembly
  • Prototype Part Assembly
  • Part Finishing
  • Low Volume Part Assembly St. Louis
  • Medical Part Assembly
  • Recreational Vehicle Part Assembly
  • Short Run Part Assembly
  • High Volume Part Assembly
  • Custom Part Assembly
  • Industrial Part Assembly
  • Component Assembly St. Louis
  • Long Run Part Assembly
  • Commercial Part Assembly
  • Intricate Part Assembly
  • Hobby Part Assembly
  • Crafted Part Finishing
  • Precision Part Assembly St. Louis
  • Medical Component Assembly
  • Medical Device Assembly
  • Part Assembly
  • Efficient Part Assembly
  • Mechanical Part Assembly
  • Stamped Part Assembly
  • Prototype Part Assembly St. Louis
  • Component Assembly
  • Fixture Assembly
  • Metal Assembly